It's starting to cool down as we move into winter so we thought we would share some tips to make sure your cart stays in in top condition as they can be more susceptible to the cold weather.

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Tyre pressure must be checked monthly. An under inflated tyre can cause uneven wear on the outer edge or inner edge and shorten the life of the tyre considerably and may even cause rim damage.
Tyre Pressure Guide 
8" tyres 25psi
10" tyres 30psi
12" tyres 30 psi 
14" tyres 30 psi

Wheel Alignment
Uneven wear could also be an alignment problem.  Hitting a curb or a hole can cause the wheel to go out of alignment. The alignment should be checked monthly and any uneven wear addressed immediately.

Cracks or separation on the walls of the tyre is an indication that they will need to be replaced due to being a safety hazard and may be a result of a tyre losing pressure.

Proper tyre pressure, alignment, rotation and inspection will extend the life of your golf cart tyres and avoid a costly replacement.


Golf cart batteries MUST be checked for water every 2 weeks for golfers & every 4 weeks for commuters.
When adding water to batteries, use distilled water and pay attention to the water level marks. DO NOT OVER FILL otherwise staining on the ground will occur.
Dry batteries are the number one cause of premature failure.

It's vital to check for corrosion on the battery terminals.

Charging deep cycle batteries needs to be done after every use for optimal care of your batteries. Even if you only use it for 9 minutes, 9 holes or 9 hours. Make it a habit to plug in the charger every evening after use and let your golf cart batteries recharge over night.
Avoid running your golf cart on a low charge as this will void your warranty and can shorten their life span dramatically.
The amount of time it takes when charging deep cycle batteries depends on how much they are used and how old they are.

A charger does not trickle feed, it only charges once when plugged in and then will sit dormant until you physically unplug it from the golf cart and plug it back in. If away for long periods of time please ensure measures are taken to keep your batteries fully charged.

Proper battery maintenance and regular battery charging will prolong the life of your batteries.

For more information visit our Battery Care Guide page

Yes! Your cart does need to be serviced regularly!

We recommend owners service their Carts regularly to prolong the life of their investment, ensure safety and insurance compliance and to satisfy manufacture warranty conditions.  Servicing will alleviate breakdowns by pinpointing, fixing and addressing any problems that may occur.
NEW CARTS we recommend servicing every 12 months for the first 3 years
USED CARTS we recommend servicing every 6 months

Servicing of your golf cart involves: Brakes, Steering, Suspension. Electrical Components, Batteries, Lights, Rain Cover Studs & Zips. Every Carts N Parts customer will receive a 40 point checklist upon service completion. 

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