Welcome to CARTS n PARTS

Carts'N'Parts Company Profile

Carts 'N' Parts has been established to provide a "one stop shop" for all things to do with motorised new and used fleet and personal golf carts, gated community transport, personnel carriers and commercial vehicles.

Delivering Throughout Australia

With 2 showrooms about one hour south of Brisbane on the Gold Coast, Queensland (Australia) we specialize in delivery of quality new & used golf, lifestyle and community carts. We also deliver to Sydney, Melbourne and throughout Australia. We provide a large range of commercial vehicles including refreshment and linen carts, maintenance and cargo vehicles, people movers and other specialised applications such as medi carts and security vehicles.

We are a licensed dealer for E-Car - the best value for money cart on the market. With an extensive range of both new golf carts and used golf carts we offer options to suit all budgets, uses and client preferences.

We Supply Golf Cars and Carts for All Purposes

Our clients include Golf Courses, Social Golfers, Hospitals, Airports, Caravan Parks, Retirement Villages, Theme Parks, Wineries, Factory Complexes and many more. In addition to delivering quality brands and affordable prices Carts 'N' Parts also stocks a wide range of golf cart accessories and parts and servicing options for all makes and models.

We invite you to visit our amazing showrooms at:

Hope Island:

"Hope Island Shopping Centre" - Shop 3, "The Boardwalk" 10 Santa barbara Road HOPE ISLAND , Queensland  Australia 4212

Sanctuary Cove:

Shop 6A ,Masthead Way, "Marine Village" Sanctuary Cove, Queensland 4212, Australia

Or contact us through our website. Delivery is available with all of our products throughout Australia.

Meet The Team

Carts N Parts take great pride in having a professional team who are polite, approachable and always happy to help. All staff contribute to a wonderful working environment. Make sure you say hi next time you see one of them around!  


Lee & Clare

This husband & wife duo are highly experienced international retailers with a phenomenal track record. They are the driving force behind Carts N Parts and committed to providing top quality sales, service and support.


The youngest of 3 sons of Lee & Clare. On finishing school, he ventured to London for 2 years to setup & run a fulfilment warehouse for an international retailer; proving to be a highly successful venture. Upon his return he has been involved in the Carts N Parts expansion.
He has now been given the responsibility of the Sanctuary Cove store's daily running and will be an integral part of the expansion of this store in the coming months. Robbie has a mechanical background with incredible sales & servicing experience from a very young age!



Fred is our fully qualified auto-electrical specialist with a diverse background, spanning across multiple countries! Fred is more than equipped to take on any cart servicing issues and repairs no matter how big or small. His sense of humour and placid nature is a grounding force within the company. Fred was our first employee and is now a vital part of our team.


Tank is a fully qualified mechanic who has exceptional qualifications in the mechanical field. He brought to Carts N Parts a knowledge base of fastidious attention to detail and meticulous business sense. His bilingual skills benefits us in customer service due to his fluency in Mandarin. Tank's love of music shines through in the workplace with his singing and his whimsical sense of humour keeps us all laughing.


The newest addition to our growing Carts N Parts family! . He is an extremely experienced mechanic
who excels in fabrication work so is a valuable component to our growing team.
His seasoned and dedicated work ethic shines through due to him owning and
operating his own mechanical business in South Africa.
He will be based in our Sanctuary Cove store.


Raewyn is the driving force behind all of our complex admin work and invoicing. She brings a lovely calming presence to Carts N Parts and always has each staff member's best interests in mind. With a background as an English teacher, she has an impressive eye for detail.


Sam is the driving force behind our website and is responsible for marketing & promotional content. He is an integral part of Carts N Parts' growth schedule producing new and innovative ideas. He manages our Facebook and blog pages and enjoys putting together our monthly newsletter. With a diverse background ranging from being a musician & Audio engineer to having lived and worked both in London & Paris.

Ben & Alex

Ben has been with Carts N Parts now for over 8 months now. He originally started with us through work experience and ended up earning himself weekend employment An extremely polite friendly young man who is willing to help with any task at hand. He is an avid footballer and plays futsal every week with his team recently winning national titles!

Alex is the newest addition to our team. He has fitted in like a glove and is as equally as polite and friendly as all of our staff members. He is an experienced sprint car driver and has recently won an interstate TT sprint. 

These boys are always willing to lend a hand on Saturdays at both stores so make sure you say hi if you see them around!


Marlee the Carts N Parts mascot and everyone's companion. A pure bread female Llhasa Apso with the most amazing life. Countless visits from all of the four legged locals occur daily. Her life has been Golf Carts since day 1 and always jumps at the opportunity to go for a ride in a cart!