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12 volt x 4 TROJAN BATTERY WATERING SYSTEM Golf Cart Buggy Hydrolink T1275 4 X 12 Volt Batteries 48 volt



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HydroLink™ Watering System
As the leading manufacturer of deep-cycle batteries, Trojan knows the importance of battery maintenance and its impact on the life of your deep-cycle battery.
Battery maintenance, particularly watering your battery, can be time-consuming, messy and, in some instances, unsafe.
Trojan’s HydroLink single-point watering system offers key features and benefits not available today: Independent Water Level Indicator –
HydroLink comes with both internal and external flame arrestors, making it the safest watering system in the industry.
Cost Effective
HydroLink saves valuable time and money by filling a complete set of batteries in less than 30 seconds.
With proper watering, HydroLink can maximize battery life. Guaranteed 
HydroLink is tested and guaranteed to work with your Trojan batteries in the most popular configurations.
Within seconds you can achieve the maximum performance and long life you need from your batteries with Trojan’s HydroLink –
Battery Watering Made Easy. Single-Point Watering Kit Proper maintenance and periodic watering are important factors in maximizing the performance and life of Trojan deep-cycle, flooded batteries. Battery maintenance can be a costly, time-consuming and messy job. With the Single-Point Watering Kit, precise battery watering is made easy, saving valuable time and money.
Flexible Design
The Single-Point Watering Kit is designed to work with flooded deep-cycle batteries and takes the guess work out of properly watering flooded batteries.
The flexible tube routing allows the watering system to work with various battery bank sizes and configurations.
Automatics Shut-Off Valves
Maintaining the proper electrolyte level can extend the performance and life of Trojan flooded batteries. However, determining the correct level can be a challenge.
The Single-Point Watering Kit includes automatic shut-off valves, interconnected with tubing, that replace the existing vent caps.
A quick coupling allows the system to be connected to a water supply.
Once the watering system is installed, water flows into each battery cell until it reaches the correct level.
A flow indicator built into the water supply tells the operator when filling has been completed. The entire process generally takes just 30 seconds per battery.
Extend Battery Life and Performance
A properly watered battery lasts longer and performs better. Overfilling a battery can result in loss of acid, while charging with low electrolyte levels can result in permanent damage to the lead plates.
Both can result in loss of capacity and life expectancy.
The Single-Point Watering Kit allows you to fill you deep-cycle batteries without having to remove the vent covers. Avoid battery acid burns, ruined clothing and noxious fumes.

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